Sarah Ferraro
I am a User Experience Designer with a background in libation creation and project management. Striving for success by crafting well-balanced designs that facilitate delight.


Craftsy Tutorial Creator


Craftsy Tutorial Creator

Craftsy offers high-quality crafting tutorials on a pay-per-video format. 


The Project

3 person team initiative, 2 week timeframe

Native iOs App within HIG standards

Objective: Increase traffic on Craftsy by providing more free content to crafters while building a larger sense of community within Craftsy.

Challenge: Design a simple way for crafters to film, edit, and post vetted content within Craftsy's existing iOS app. 


My Role

UX Researcher/ Designer

Served as Project Manager

Responsible for: user interviews, writing scenarios and test plan, usability testing, journey mapping, writing problem and solution statements, conducting a design studio for lo-fi prototypes, assisting with hi-fi mockups, creating a user flow, and creating a clickable prototype with InVision

Craftsy multi.png

The Process

Survey Monkey.png


To recruit for our research a survey was generated and posted online using Survey Monkey. Qualified participants were then contacted from the tutorial viewer  and the tutorial maker categories to interview.




 In-person and remote interviews were conducted to test assumptions and ascertain insights to ensure the crafters needs remained at the forefront of the designs.


Affinity Mapping

Research was complied in an affinity map. By synthesizing the information common pain points were found and used to create personas, journey maps, and scenarios.



Affinity mapping showed that there were two main distinctions between the crafters that would use this product. There would be crafters with little to no experience filming, editing, and posting videos, and a more experienced category. My teammates created two personas to guide us through our ideation.



  • Mother of two small children

  • Part-time job at a catering company

Laura is a talent baker and cake decorator and she would like to share her techniques by creating online video tutorials, but she finds the filming and editing process intimidating.



  • Elementary school principal

  • Spends his time off creating watercolor paintings in his home studio

Eddie has experience filming, editing, and posting videos on YouTube, but he finds the process time consuming and is concerned about reaching the right audience.


Journey Mapping

From the personas I created Journey Maps to further empathize with the crafters and determine the opportunities to design solutions for.

laura's Journey.png

Laura needs a way to make quality video tutorials because she would like to share her baking and decorating techniques, but she is intimidated by the video filming, editing and posting process.

Eddies Journey.png

Eddie needs an all-inclusive platform to film, edit and post video tutorials to a crafter specific audience because he finds using multiple platforms time consuming and is concerned that YouTube will not provide him with the correct audience.


Design Studio

As Project Manager I facilitated a design studio for sketching rapid prototypes.

Design studios allow for early feedback and collaboration in the ideation phase.

Combining our best ideas we created lo-fi sketches of our preliminary screens so we could move straight into testing.

Design Studio.png

Lo-Fi Prototype Testing

To optimize our time and ensure multiple rounds of usability testing we created a clickable prototype with Marvel from our initial sketches.


Insights from initial testing

While trying to keep the product simple and straight forward, we found that we needed to be more clear in our naming and offer more information.

  • Confusion about the My Tutorial link

  • Unnecessary clutter on the My Tutorial home page

  • Category page was deemed confusing and unnecessary at the beginning of the process

  • Crafters assumed they could only import videos/photos due to naming conventions

  • Participants were confused by icons and lack of information in editting 

  • Crafters wanted the option to play back video before selecting it

  • Confusion as to what the task was on the Add Details page

View Usability Testing Summary

Sketchy Craft.png

Laura's Use Case Flow

Laura's Flow.png


We were able to create a new feature for the Craftsy app that will allow for a larger sense of community to drive sales and provide additional free content, through a one-stop-shop for filimg, editing, and posting crafting tutorials. 

In keeping the process simple we afforded beginners a feeling of confidence, however we learned that we needed to add more detail and instructions for those who weren't as familiar with the process. 

These are the final screens


Next Steps

  • Continuing refinement of the form fields and navigation

  • Take another look at HIG standards to ensure viablity

  • Further discussions with developers to gain insight into the limitations of video editing to fully flesh out that portion of the design.



*This team initiative project was designed while attending General Assembly and is no way affiliated with Craftsy.