Sarah Ferraro
I am a User Experience Designer with a background in libation creation and project management. Striving for success by crafting well-balanced designs that facilitate delight.


Plexie Notification Framework


Plexie Notification Framework

Plexie is an early-stage startup that aims to create an online team collaboration tool.

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The Project

2 person team, 2.5 week timeframe

Responsive website within Material Guidelines

Objective: Design the what, when, where, and how for notifications within Plexie, a online team collaboration tool.

Challenge: Create a notification framework that will keep customers informed on what they need to know without distracting them from what they need to do.

My Role

UX Researcher/Designer

Served as Project Manager

 Conducting research, generating a research bibliography, hi-fi mockups, A/B testing, user comprehension testing, writing measures of success, presenting insights and solutions to stakeholders, and providing the client with a data package of research findings and solution proposals.


Genius Design

Our UX Director at Plexie introduced us to "Genius Design" and asked us to follow it's principals while conducting our work.

  • Start with a thorough research process

  • Make catalogues of the contexts found in research to drive the designs

  • Reach a point of least astonishment when the research no longer surprises you

  • Form scenarios of what customers will be doing from the research

  • Test against measures of success during implementation



"The design decision style of genius design brings tremendous
strategic advantages to a design team."

- Jared Spool


The Process



Research played a major role in this project and as the UX Researcher I was able to find many discussions and recent studies including compelling arguments from Google's Android UX Team.

View Research Bibliography


Information Synthesis

I created a visual of the main insights that I had found in my research using RealtimeBoard.

We then used the affinity map along with competitive analysis to start designing the UI.



Major Insights

  • Inform the customer without distracting them

  • People to people notifications are most valued by customers

  • Afford customers the opportunity to make decisions on types of notifications they receive & how

  • Ensure Plexie's business needs are addressed  

“We want to have a relationship with technology that gives us back choice.”

- Tristan Harris TED Talks


Initial Wireframes

The first iteration of notification designs were based off of competitive analysis and did not embody the solutions for the opportunities we found in our research.

Home Page.png
Settings Page.png


“Focus on understanding what your user values about your services and tailor your message to their unique needs & interests.”

— Nick Babich UX Booth


A/B and User Comprehension Testing

Realizing that we needed to validate the iterations and ensure our second design decisions translated well we wrote scenarios and took a step away from Genius Design to conducted user testing.


Stakeholder Presentation

Two weeks into our work my team presented the notification framework we had designed for Plexie's MVP to the executive team members of Plexie. 



1. People to People notifications are most important

2. Afford the customer opportunities for choice in how and when they receive notifications

3. Ensure  Plexie's business needs are addressed




1. Invitations to collaborate on Plexies and Channels were kept most visible automatically generating on screen. 

2.  Notification settings can be accessed within the notification itself and on the settings page.

3. Default settings allow notifications from Plexie to customers through email. Keeping the customer informed without distracting them.


Annotated Notification Framework


View Plexie Notification Framework Guide PDF

*This guideline was produced by my UI Designer Tina Weiss



The executive team we presented to were enthusiastic about moving forward with the notification framework we designed for Plexie's MVP.

After delivery of the solutions proposal the design team at Plexie began meetings to plan implementation of the framework we had suggested.